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Samar & Madhu's Engagement (Morgan Hill)

Jaffer Wedding Reception (Marriot, Fremont)

Ranju's Wedding Reception (Sunnyvale)

Sheena's Sweet 16 (Livermore)

Tim & Nina's Wedding Reception (Pleasanton)

Mithi's Sweet 16 (Mayuri, Santa Clara)

Meghan & Rahul's Wedding Reception (Marriot, San Ramon

Raj's 40th Bday (Mayuri)

Mishra Twins 16th Birthday (Lord Indian Cuisine, Cupertino)

Aryan's First Birthday (Mayuri , Santa Clara)

Bharat's Engagement (Banjara)

Mike & Sandy's Reception (Concord)

Monica & Jen's Wedding and Reception (Crown Plaza, Palo Alto)

Shana's Graduation (Hornblower Cruise)

Laavanya's Wedding Reception (Livermore)

Kumar's 40th Birthday (DAVE & Busters , Milpitas)

Birdi Reception (Willow Heights Mansion)

Birdi Engagement (San Jose Downtown)

Rahul Roy's IPO Victory Party with Mayor Of Fremont (Fremont Marriot)

Rennu Dhillon Surprise Birthday (Chandani)

Unity 2005 with Rennu Dhillion (Fremont Hilton)

Veterans Hospital Christmas Party 2004 (Crowne Plaza , Palo Alto)

Sirsi Wedding Reception (Capitol Club, San Jose Downtown)

IIT Diwali 2004 (Chabot College)

Priti's Birthday Party (Mayuri, Santa Clara) 

IIT Madras 2004 Picnic (Baylands Park, Santa Clara)

Hasmukh's 70th (Mayuri, Santa Clara)

Damani 40th Birthday Party (Mayuri, Santa Clara)

Kunal Graduation (Mehren, Fremont)

Bhopale Wedding Reception (Crown Plaza)

Bimila's 60th Surprise Birthday  Party

Melanie & Sachin Wedding and Reception ( GOLDEN GATE CLUB)

Anurag's Surprise 40th Birthday Party (Sarovar, Milpitas)

Shekar's Surprise 40th Brithday (Mayuri, Santa Clara)

Ritesh & Gini Wedding Reception (Sarovar, Milpitas)

Gunturi Wedding reception (Copper Chimney, Fremont)

Punjabi Party (Mountain View)

Arpana & Nishant's Wedding Reception (Marriot Hotel)

Nishant's Sangeet (Mayuri)

Vidya's Wedding & Reception (Double Tree Hotel)

Kanika's First Birthday (Swagat Mountain View)

Kiran & Shirin's Surprise Anniversary (Swagat Mountain View)

Bambroo First Birthday (Mayuri Santa Clara)

Anjali 16th Birthday  (Suraj)

Jessica & Shepards's Wedding Anniversary Featuring HANS RAJ HANS

Vinay's Graduation (Hayward)

Katherine's Retirement Party (Saratoga, Saratoga Park

IIT's Alumni Party (Sunnyvale, Baylands Park)

Priya's Wedding and Reception (Saratoga, Hakone Gardens)

Blaram's Nepali party (Swagat, MT View)

Suhails Graduation Party (Fremont)

Dhiren's 3rd Annual Company party (Saratoga)

Bharti's Surprise 40th Birthday (Swagat , Mountain View)

Neetu's 16th Birthday (Concord)

Shah Surprise 25th Anniversary Party (Sitara, Santa Clara)

Rhea's First Birthday Party  (Swagat, Mountain View)

Surprise 40th Birthday Party For S Mehta (Zibibbo Palo Alto)

Vidya & Ajit Reception (Banjara Sunnyvale)

Meena's 1st Birthday Party (Sarovar Milpitas)

Sunita's Wedding Reception (Sitara Cuisine Santa Clara Jan 1, 2003

Tania & Efrain's Wedding Reception (Lou's Village)

Zensar Diwali Party (Santa Clara @ Sitara)

Mahi's First Birthday (Fremont)

Manoj & Ally's Wedding Reception (Scottish Right Temple)

Kamaal & Faisal's Wedding Reception ( Chandani Newark)

Sumita's Wedding Reception (Newark Hilton)

Ryon WEDS Aparna (San Ramon)

Shaan's Graduation party (Cupertino)

Suman Goel Surprise Bithday Party (Cupertino)

Vevek's Graduation Party (Fremont)

Samir's Graduation Party (Fremont)

Poonam's Reception (Swagat Mountain View)

Michele & Steven Reception (Sheraton Sunnyvale)

Dr. Fonseca & Christina Wedding (Gilroy Winery)

5 Grads (Saratoga)

Pratiti Reception (Davis, CA)

Pratiti Wedding (Milpitas)

Chopra Sangeet Party (Saratoga)

Dhiren's Client Appreciation Party

Arya Wedding Reception Silver Creek Country Club

Monte Vista High School

Shaan's Birthday At Sitara India Restaurant

Prititi Engagment 01/05/2002

Stephanie's Birthday Dec 1, 2001

Bharti's Reception

Vishal's Sister's Reception Hilton

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